Our Services

A web-based security awareness training program consists of training courses plus a delivery system – typically a learning management system (LMS) and the associated infrastructure (web servers, firewalls). It might also include complementary services such as online policy signature management, and automated security reminders.

Cosaint can provide you with an end-to-end hosted training solution to meet these needs. Alternatively, if you already have a LMS within your organization, Cosaint can work with you to develop courses that will run within your existing LMS.

Where to Start?

  1. Start by reading the section called Courses which will tell you about how Cosaint can build its library of content into the security awareness training solution that your organization needs.
  2. Then:
    • If your organization DOESN’T have a learning management system, please read the section called Hosted Solutions to find out how Cosaint can provide you with courses running on a hosted LMS.
    • If you already have a learning management system within your organization, please read the section called Solutions for an Existing LMS to find out how Cosaint can provide you with the training courses that you need in AICC or SCORM format.
  3. Finally, read the section called Standards, Rules and Regulations to see how Cosaint’s solutions satisfy the requirements of many common standards and regulations.