Standard Courses

Cosaint’s courses provide comprehensive coverage of end-user information security issues. They’re not limited to IT security – courses cover non-IT topics such as physical security, security of information on paper, and social engineering.

The following is a list of the standard courses that Cosaint offers. Courses can also be customized to meet client-specific needs, and new content can be developed when needed.

To find out more about the topics covered in each course, or to discuss your needs for custom content, please contact Cosaint.

Introductory Courses
010 An Introduction to Information Security
010-GLBA An Introduction to Information Security (GLBA Emphasis)
Information Security Basics
101 Defend Yourself Against Viruses
102 Good Password Practice
103 Physical Security
104 Secure Use of Email
105 Information Security and Mobile Devices
106 Safe Surfing
107 Avoiding Identity Theft
108 Fight Phishing
109 Social Engineering
110 Fax Security
111 Dealing With Spyware
112 Using Social Networks Safely
115 Understanding Copyright
120 Information Retention and Destruction
Credit Card Handling
121 Secure Handling of Credit Cards for Retail Staff
122 Secure Handling of Credit Card Data
Healthcare (HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules)
201 Understanding The HIPAA Privacy Rule
207 Avoiding Identity Theft – Red Flag Program
211 HIPAA Security for Healthcare Staff
252 FERPA Compliance
Condensed Courses
6-101 An Introduction to Information Security
6-201 Securing Your Computer – Part 1
6-202 Securing Your Computer – Part 2
6-203 Using E-mail
6-204 Dealing with Documents
6-205 When You’re Out of the Office
Annual Refresher Course
  Annual Information Security Refresher Course