Who Benefits From Our Services?

Cosaint’s services are designed to make compliance with regulations requiring security awareness training much easier by eliminating as much administrative effort as possible.

But they can also be used for other compliance and training purposes within your organization such as sexual harassment training and policy signature, sales training, leadership development training, and software application training.

Here are some typical groups who can benefit from a Cosaint hosted training portal.

IT & Security Staff
Worried about your employees installing spyware, losing laptop computers, or revealing sensitive information to criminals over the phone? Implement a comprehensive end-user security awareness program in 7 days or less.

Compliance Officers
Trying to keep the administrative costs of regulatory compliance under control? Use Cosaint’s course delivery and policy signature management systems to automate the mundane aspects of record-keeping and reporting for your training programs for just a few dollars per student per year.

HR Departments
Tired of dealing with piles of paper? Use Cosaint’s policy signature management and library modules to post your policies and procedures online, require online signatures and generate management reports. The savings in photocopying costs alone will probably pay for the program.

Training Professionals
Struggling to keep training costs under control while providing more and more content to your students? Use Cosaint’s affordable hosted training services to host security awareness training, and add your own training courses to the portal. Ideal for on-demand new hire training, and for training staff in remote locations.